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Cuckoo Clocks

A cuckoo clock evokes a classical, old world charm that can be associated with strong memories and nostalgia. A
beautiful and well-made clock can become an heirloom piece, passed down through a family for generations. The sound
of the chiming hour will become a backdrop to your family's memories, and can please everyone regardless of age. At
Leaning Tree Landing, we have a wide variety of exquisitely crafted Black Forest cuckoo clocks available that are sure
to enhance your decor.

Leaning Tree Landing Has Cuckoo Clocks and More

All of our cuckoo clocks are hand-carved in Germany and imported to the United States. Each piece is a unique work
of art with a special theme and beautiful detailing. There are different movements available, which means that you can
find clocks that need to be wound once a day, once a week, or clocks that run on batteries and never need winding at
all. Each features a two-year warranty.

In addition to cuckoo clocks, a visit to our website at will show you a variety of beautiful
timepieces that will look great in any home. We sell tower clocks made by La Crosse that are large, durable, and
perfect to draw the eye against a large expanse of open wall. Our exquisite specialty clocks come from the same
manufacturer and will look perfect on any mantelpiece. All La Crosse products are on the cutting edge of design and
technology, and make great gifts that can satisfy the most discerning collectors.

The clocks at Leaning Tree Landing--from the most traditional to the whimsical or outrageous--are beautiful works
created by master craftsmen.  Whether you want a majestic 82-inch solid wood grandfather clock or a collector series
Eight Day Musical Movement Cuckoo Clock, come to Leaning Tree Landing to see some of the most unique and
beautiful examples in the world.  We ship free to our customers in the continental U.S., and we accept both
MasterCard and Visa.

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One Day Musical Cuckoo Clocks
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