David Westberg was born and raised in Montana. Spending his early years among the
beautiful forests of the Montana " Big "Sky" helped to inspire his love of nature and specifically
the natural beauty of tree. He started carving as a child when his grandfather gave him his first
pocket knife. The two would spend countless moments together sitting and whittling.
This proved to be the inspiration for a future of sculpture for David. David began hand carving in
high school and continued to improve his talent thru his college years. Establishing himself as
an accomplished sculptor and carver, in 1994 he decided to try his hand at a unique form of
carving, usually only seen in rural communities and small towns across the US. The art of
chainsaw carving appealed to him for its blend of style involving the sheer power of a
chainsaw and the artistic finesse of the carver. The ability to create something so beautifully
detailed out of wood, with a tool normally used to splinter wood, appeals to the imagination —
not only of the artists who work in this medium, but the enthralled audience who watches wood
become transformed into art in the hand of this skilled craftsman.
David began carving full time in 1998, and today lives in the Pacific Northwest with his family.
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David started competing in chainsaw carving competitions in 1997, and has won numerous
awards for his art. As you browse through the various carving in this online gallery, you will be
able to appreciate the time and talent that David uses to create these very unique works of
natural art.
Each piece is as individual as the tree it was carved from. No two pieces of wood are exactly
the same, and no two carvings are exactly the same. Each carving represents, David's special
ability to "bring to life" individual characters, each with its own special personality. David's art
has a way of touching the imagination and hearts of those who appreciate fine art with "heart".