Hammock Care

Read ALL Care Instructions Before you Un-Tie Your Hammock
It is up to YOU to care for this hammock

Opening your Hammock
Lay the hammock down with the bow- ties facing up. Untie the strings and gently unfold the hammock.
Lift the two end loops away from the hammock and allow the hammock to fall as you stand up.

Suspension Gear:
Use the suspension kit (available where you purchased your hammock), which contains
hardware designed for your safety and the life of the hammock.

General Use:
Always hold and carry hammocks by the end loops to avoid tangles. Do not drag.
Do not leave hammocks lying around. To store, hang hammock by the end loops or fold carefully.
Tangles are not permanent. If they occur, be patient and carefully reverse it.

Hanging your Hammock:
Each of the hammock styles hangs differently. Be sure that your hammock is hanging above the
ground at a level that is comfortable for you to enter and exit the hammock. There are a variety of
ways to secure your hammock. Some knots and indoor hanging suggestions are provided below.

Caribbean Hammocks
Require approximately 12-14 feet of distance between the end loops, which should be hung about
4 feet off of the ground. Optionally, you might consider a hammock stand.

Chair Hammocks Generally require a minimum of 7 feet of space between the ground and the
attachment point. We have two chair stands available.

Inside the House:
Eye screws properly installed into 2x4 ceiling joists provide adequate support. Drill a hole using
inch drill bit in the center of your joist. Make certain the hole is straight and does not splinter
out the side of the joist. Insert the entire threaded section of the eye screw into the joist. Use
the rope to adjust the height of the hammock. Use the Carabiner to join the hammock to the rope
and to easily move the hammock out of the way when not in use. Bring total relaxation to your
favorite room!

All you need is two sturdy supports at least 12 feet apart. Between trees, wrap the rope around
the trunks, secure with 3 half-hitch knots, and tie a loop in the end to clip your Carabiner to. If
you don't have trees, you can sink 8-foot 4x4 posts 2 feet deep in concrete. Or, hang from a porch,
or from the roof over hang to a tree.