Artwork by Langshaw has been an ongoing labor of love for both Bruce and Ann Langshaw for over 35 years.
Both Artists have an extensive background in the field of art.

Bruce Langshaw spent his earlier years pursuing his college education.

He achieved his A.A. degree at Monterey Peninsula College, his B.A. at UCSB and his M.A. at San Francisco State.
Bruce has 38 years of design, sculpture and now, by increasing demand, total focus on producing original paintings.
His design work, sculptures and paintings are represented in all 50 states, Japan, Indonesia, Germany, England, Canada and Mexico.

Ann Langshaw also attended college and achieved her B.A degree at U.C. Santa Barbara.
Ann has spent the last 35 years in interior design and sculpture painting and design. Her experience in these areas have contributed to her ability and desire to supply the very works of original paintings that she has been showing and selling to her many customers.
Ann established "Design Work by Ann" and her work is enjoyed in Hawaii, Florida Keys, East Coast, West Coast and Canada. She has also done extensive commercial design work in Florida and the east and west coast.

Both Bruce and Ann are truly dedicated to their passion for art. The paintings that they create are original and one of a kind. Their ability to transfer their imagination and memories to canvas is truly a gift.